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Hermies with a firehose

Your scuttlebutt is the data you carry with you - imagine a little slice of a parallel universe in your pocket. This data is yours and you can interact with it however you like.

These apps are different kinds of magic glasses to help you interact with this reality. Try different glasses on, change them when you're bored, make some new ones that fit you better ... your scuttleverse doesn't mind - it's just data.

Come explore with us! If you are new, you might like to start with Patchwork!

Supported / Maintained Secure Scuttlebutt Apps

Discussion Apps Other Apps Tools & Data Viz

Depricated apps no longer in active development

Discussion Apps Other Apps Tools & Data Viz

Maintained Scuttlebutt Applications


Also built on patchcore, but uses a tabbed interface instead and has some more bleeding edge features. The goal is to make a client developers love - it comes with social views, as well as chess, book reviews, and some git interface.


Source code : git-ssb | GitHub | ssb://%s9mSFATE4RGyJx9wgH22lBrvD4CgUQW4yeguSWWjtqc=.sha256


Plain SSB web UI. Uses HTML forms instead of client-side JS. Designed for use on low-power and low-resource computers.

How to get started

Source code : git-ssb | GitHub | ssb://%YAg1hicat+2GELjE2QJzDwlAWcx0ML+1sXEdsWwvdt8=.sha256


A social network off the grid · Scuttlebutt for mobile


Install / Download / Source code : GitHub


A client for scuttlebutt network as a Firefox WebExtension


Download / Source code : GitHub


The non-addictive social network. Available on iOS and on the web (desktop and mobile), with Mac and Linux installers for local setup.

Source code : GitHub


A totally decent git interface using ssb. Familiar interface for raising issues, forking, opening pull requests. News about projects of friends, or people you follow.

How to get started

Known online portals serving git-ssb over the Web:

Source code : git-ssb | GitHub | ssb://%n92DiQh7ietE+R+X/I403LQoyf2DtR3WQfCkDKlheQU=.sha256


A totally decent npm interface, using ssb as your npm registry.

How to get started

Source code : git-ssb | ssb://%iqhz/sQCZCSp91JYAqfQPzHuDYrjw1geKPf1wJ1CvlA=.sha256




This is a proof of concept for a decentralized file system for Secure Scuttlebutt.

With SSB Drive you can create as many file systems ("drives") as you like, share and organize files with your friends without requiring a central repository or server. When you work on your files while offline, the SSB Drive file system will merge automatically with the rest of the world once you rejoin the grid. Name conflicts are handled with "Observed Removed Sets" (OR-Sets) from CRDT.

Source code : GitHub




Resolve an ssb-web url

Source code : GitHub


Convert your SSB social graph to GraphML format.

Andre's original gephi viz

Mix's gephi viz

Source code : GitLab


An interactive visualisation of your local scuttleverse. Fly with [w,a,s,d] and look with [up,left,down,right]. Hover over nodes to see who they are and light up their 1st and (dimmer) 2nd degree friendships.

Source code : GitHub | ssb://%hNm67sfnZFtWkD/+1qxH3UfzhXykfpKtOL1C/XbLANA=.sha256


Scuttlebutt bot that read RSS feeds and post updates automatically

Source code : GitHub


Posts published over time (from the perspective of Cel's pub server). Colors represent when that user first posted (so is a way of visualising cohorts).

See it live :

Source code : GitHub


Native Mac / iOS secure scuttlebutt app using the go-ssb engine. The app's focus is on making scuttlebutt as a social app acessible to non-technical users. All powered by SSB.

Links: AppStore / Source code: Github

SSB Browser demo

Run SSB in the browser with no server required. SSB Browser demo runs directly in your web browser meaning it can run on most devices including the default browser in iOS and android.

Source code: Github


Self hosted scuttlebutt social app using next.js

Source code: Github

Depricated Scuttlebutt Projects:


Not Activily Maintained

A decentralized messaging and sharing app. The goal is to make a standalone, easy to install, "social" view into the SSB world.

How to get started (must read) | Installers

Source code : git-ssb | GitHub | ssb://%bfG9dyXtlic9umNzgwYuG8nhjG0ycUrlBROprvyBZaU=.sha256


Not Activily Maintained

Use your favorite web browser to read and write messages to the people you care about. Oasis runs a small HTTP server on your own computer. Oasis is just HTML and CSS. It has strict security rules that prevent any JavaScript from running in your browser, which helps make Oasis accessible and easy to improve.

A screenshot of Oasis in a browser

Source code: Github | Gitlab


Convert a local file hierarchy into a scuttlebutt website

Source code : GitHub


secure scuttlebutt client using „modern“ web development technologies.


Source code : GitHub


Not Activily Maintained

This is a minimum viable full-stack Decent server and client.


Source code: GitHub | git-ssb | ssb://%NPNNvcnTMZUFZSWl/2Z4XX+YSdqsqOhyPacp+lgpQUw=.sha256

Patchwork "Classic"

Not Activily Maintained

The first major messaging interface built on SSB, using React. Currently has installers for Mac and Linux, and translations.

Tour (old version) : youtube

Source code : GitHub


Not activily maintaind

patchless is a standard for modular ui apps.


Source code : GitHub


Not Activily Maintained

tiny chat-like cli built on scuttlebutt :mouse:


Source code : GitHub


A blog publishing app for long-form articles. Also has private messaging integrated.

Installers (auto connects you to some blogging parts of the archipelago)

Source code : git-ssb | GitHub | ssb://%wnNDjViKYZH+RWpbNzDXR2oxLWmTagvvFBjy97Zko4I=.sha256


Not Activily Maintained

Skill sharing and ideation app



Source code : GitHub


Not Activily Maintained

Correspondence chess built on top of the scuttlebutt platform.

Source code : GitHub


Not Activily Maintained

Review and discuss books overs scuttlebutt. Patch-book is a patchcore based plugin. You can use it in e.g. Patchbay.

Source code: ssb://%zoL1riX2mELF0j3dydWtQ+go4nI4jaByvm5Z02cRyaQ=.sha256

Infinite Game

Not Activily Maintained

Infinite Game is a tool to help you grow connections with new friends, and to help invite the future you want to see into the world. It lets you look back and reflect on the exciting things you and your friends have done, and be inspired and excited for the future.

Right now it looks like a calendar, some gatherings tools (private or public events), and a tool called scry to help invoke and settle gatherings (simliar to doodle).

Source code : git-ssb | GitHub | ssb://%Eyq2PrN8Wk0DTqBJI1Xila7yJ18ZWGTShMNLc1O5vjo=.sha256


Not Activily Maintained

A music sharing app for musicians, remixers, creatores, Built using ssb + webtorrent. Note: Servers for the webtorrent part of this are currently not being maintained.

Tour : youtube

Source code : git-ssb | GitHub | ssb://%t3XQv5Gk/dzJQM1fWFnMlaTlTvmtd3BHYCTIzhT/7G8=.sha256


Not Activily Maintained

Host and run your own secure scuttlebutt pub in a docker image.


Not Activily Maintained


Not Activily Maintained

Script to import tweets from Twitter to ssb, so that they will display in Patchwork.

Source code : GitHub

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