Secure-scuttlebutt vs scuttlebutt vs scuttlebot vs sbot?

An explanation of terms, repos and project history

  • scuttlebutt: a gossip protocol that synchronises messages via a vector clock of per-node timestamps or sequences. Dominic got this name from an amazon paper "Efficient Reconciliation and Flow Control for Anti-Entropy Protocols". This is the original scuttlebutt module which should now be known as "insecure scuttlebutt". This repo is generally no longer used by the ssb community.

  • ssb-db: this is the database part of ssb. Previously this term referred to the protocol/database as a whole.

  • ssb-server: this repo adds networking behaviour to the database (secure-scuttlebutt).

  • sbot: short for scuttlebot, previously the CLI command name to control ssb-server. Now also named ssb-server.

Old Names

The following components of the Scuttlebutt reference implementation have been renamed:

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