How can I help?

I want to get involved with this FAQ because I am awesome!

You can help with the FAQ by asking a question, refining one of my answers, or submitting an entire question and answer.

This is all assembled by Gitbook, hosted here.

If that does not work, you can reach me through scuttlebutt. My scuttlename is @ZqH7Mctu/7DNInxuwl12ECjfrAKUX2tBLq1rOldNhg0=.ed25519. (caveat: searching by this will only work if we are in the same friend network. But we prolly are. I'm pretty social and this place is still small.)

I love any help you want to give, with one caveat: This FAQ is intended as a sort of "on-ramp" to the scuttleverse, and so meant to be simple. I would love to have links to deeper and more technical resources, but this should not be seen as a FAQ for the highly technical stuff (so no questions about how to make an SSB app with just tin cans, a hacked talkboy, and a cursory knowledge of LISP.) (Though as I write this I realize that answer would be super cool and so I urge you to start up an advanced FAQ if you're able.)


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